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Who we are ?

A&S Engineering Services with more than 10 Year experience in process design, engineering services and suppply/ installation of industrial parts. Providing solution to industry project in all three disciplline of Engineering.

1) Electrical
2) Machanical
3) Health & Safety

Our Engineers have a solid base of Electrical & Mechanical engineering expertise with wide ranging of experience in the design of equipments and plants. Service include in materical selection, energy consumption, fabrication and automation of plants. Although our office is in Lahore we have been highly successful in running porjects in Pakistan.

Scope of work is developed and tailorerd to suit individual client needs. We have substantial experienceas members of multi-contractor teams on major projects. utilizing, specialist designers, supplies of fabricators as needed to meet project requirements. We can develop engineering desing in-hours or work wiht basic engineering package provided by others. The professionals of A&S Engineering Services are dedicated to delivering quality industrial solution. At A&S we are always learning and always improving .There are some things, however, that will never change – our high standards, our core values, and our commitnent to our client and the community.

A&S Engineering Services is a privately owned Pakistani company, owned by senoir process engineers.

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